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We are a friendly society who offer a big welcome to new members.

The membership subscripton is £25.00 per year and covers a single or double membership for a couple living at the same address. We meet at the Royal Horticultural Society Gardens at Harlow Carr Harrogate in the modern facilites of the Bramall Learning Centre.There is no meeting in December and we hold our annual lunch in January.

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Our next monthly meeting will be on Sunday 26th May 2024 10am-1pm at RHS Harlow Carr in the Learning Centre HG3 1QB.


Speaker -Antonia Black "Growing Humid Orchids in the House.



There will be the usual break for refreshments followed by the table talk hosted by one of our members.

























Annual Show


Harrogate Orchid Society Annual Show 2024

This year our Annual Show will be held in conjunction with our Orchids for Everyone Weekend 

                                                           on the Saturday and Sunday 3rd and 4th of August 2024 at RHS Harlow Carr


                                                                  in all rooms at The Learning Centre.







Harrogate Orchid Society


The society was formed in the early nineteen eighties by a small group of orchid enthusiasts based mainly in West Yorkshire. Harrogate was chosen as a location to attract orchid enthusiasts from the whole of Yorkshire. Over the last thirty years the society has continued to meet in the Harrogate and Leeds area.



We are a friendly group with members covering a wide range of orchid growing. Over recent years there has been a big rise in orchids being grown inside the home. Our membership reflects this so we organise our meetings to suit all types of orchid growers, be they experienced growers or people who have just being given their first orchid plant as a present or grow the range of orchids available from a garden centre or supermarket.




The society is involved in exhibiting at a number of orchid shows throughout the year and we hold our own annual show which includes orchid societies from around the North of England and a number of orchid nurseries that have orchids for sale and will include plants in flower and orchid species.




Each month apart from December, we have an interesting programme of speakers which may be a talk about their experience of seeing orchids growing in the wild, some topics will be about orchid culture and some are practical meetings where we have demonstrations on how to repot plants. At two of the meetings we have a plant forum where you can bring along your plants and ask our panel of more experienced members questions which may range from how to deal with pests and diseases to learning about a plant's cultural requirements.



Half way through the meeting we take a break for tea or coffee, for which a small charge is made and this gives everyone a chance to chat to each other. Following the break we hold a raffle, which usually includes some orchid plants donated by the members.





The highlight of each meeting is the table display made up of plants brought by the members and there can be between 30 to 50 plants to look at. During the latter part of the meeting we have a discussion about the plants on display, this is led by one of the members.

One important aspect of the table display is that it gives members a chance to see a larger range of orchids plants other than ones they would usually see in garden centres and supermarkets, A lot of plants on display will have been grown on window sills or in conservatories.The plants on this page are a good example of what you will see. We also cater for members who grow Hardy terrestial orchids.


u.2.Welsh-orchid-trip-2009-072_.jpg u.2.anacamptis-pyramidalis.jpg u.2.Cyp-Michael.jpg

All photos taken by society members



image1 image2 image3 image4 image5 image6 image7 image8

Orchids are for everyone

There are over 30,000 species and more than 200,000 hybrid orchids.

Grow your orchids in a conservatory?

Stanhopeas are quite happy growing in a conservatory with a minimum temperature of 8 degrees Centigrade

Join our Society

See many different kinds of orchids and learn how to care for them it is not as difficult as it looks.

Cool growing

This modern hybrid is typical of the type of orchids, which can be bought in garden centres and are suitable for growing on window sills and in a conservatory.

Phalaenopsis, everyones favourite.

The ideal window sill orchid


Would you like to learn how to flower these beautiful orchids?

Orchid Shows.

Harrogate orchid Society takes part in eight major orchid shows each year all members can take part if they wish.

Exotic Mysterious or Wierd.

Masdevallias & Draculas grow in the cool mountain region of Central & S.America.

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For everyone with one orchid or a thousand!
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